Encore® Azalea Autumn Embers™

Rhododendron ‘Conleb’ PP10581

One of our most popular varieties, Autumn Embers’ deep orange-red blooms make a colorful statement in any landscape.

Bloom/Features: Deep red-orange, semi-double blooms measure 2.5" across
Dimensions: 3' H x 3.5' W
USDA Zones: Hardy in USDA Zones 6B-9
Exposure: Light shade to full sun. Allow 4-6 hours direct sun for best blooming
Soil: Well-drained, slightly acidic soil
Water: As needed
Uses: Hedge, foundation plant, accent, mass planting


Allamanda ‘Yellow’
Allamada cathartica

Crapemyrtle ‘Cherry Dazzle’
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Euonymus Burning Bush
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Hosta ‘Frances Williams’
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Holly ‘Nellie R. Stevens’
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Holly Native Yaupon ‘Shadow’
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Encore® Azalea Autumn Lily™
Rhododendron 'Roblex' PP25073

Azalea Macrantha Pink
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Nandina ‘Compacta’
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Ligustrum Curly Leaf
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Oleander Dwarf ‘Petite Pink’
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